The CEO and founder of Australian Doctors For Africa, Dr. Graham Forward visited Somaliland.

We are very pleased to share that the CEO and founder of Australian Doctors For Africa, Dr. Graham Forward visited Somaliland this week to conduct important activities to strengthen and accelerate the ongoing project activities and operations in Somaliland. During the visit, the CEO engaged with project teams, partners, and other stakeholders, towards the implementation of the strategic initiatives.
The key highlights of the visit are as follows:
Meeting with the Hargeisa group Hospital management team, while discussing the current plans, focusing on key areas of improved access to health care services including the ADFA’s medical equipment donation and facilities upgrading, the Operating theatre renovations and construction plans, ongoing Emergency department capacity building through skill transfer and facility upgrading, ongoing doctors’ scholarship program in Ethiopia, orthopedic department meetings on the current updates and plans including upcoming training and development and other development campaigns for the department,
The CEO also had a Meeting with Diversity Action Network, where the CEO observed the ongoing activities including the Clum foot and other physical disability-related matters,
We believe that such visits are crucial for maintaining a strong connection between ADF leadership and on-ground teams.
We extend our gratitude to all the team members and other stakeholders who contributed to making this visit successful. Together, we will continue to drive excellence and inspiration in achieving encouraging outcomes .

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