Governance and Leadership

Organizational Management

TAAKULO recognizes the importance of an effective and efficient organizational management systems and structures and is pursuing policies and continually enacting mechanisms for Establishment of sound practices within and outside the organization with clear lines of authority and responsibility. The TAAKULO management structure has been adopted to reflect recent and current activities and to contribute to the development of good management and leadership practices.

Taakulo has Board of Directors Elected biannual, and leading by Chairperson which has structure and governance include; Vice-chair person, treasurer and Board Member. TAAKULO is leading by the Executive director (ED) who is appointed by the board of management and has the overall responsibility for leading and managing TAAKULO. The ED is accountable to the BOD and trustees. The responsibility is shared with TAAKULO Corporate Leadership Team (TCLT) comprising of three programs Departmental heads and one administrative department. The TCLT ensures that TAAKULO has clear strategic objectives, operational plans and budgets and that there are good internal communications, consistency and congruence and the key cross-cutting organizational issues are addressed.

Decision making depends on decisions being made. However, partners and beneficiaries are involved in development of TAAKULOs community strategies. TAAKULO expects partners to include beneficiaries in the design, implementation, Monitoring and review of their own projects and programs. The diagram below shows the current structure of the organization of the entire program implementation period, although the numbers of staff shown are for the end of the period.

Programme Development Team (PDT)

TAAKULO believes in enabling programmers from the organization, beneficiaries and partners to identify projects. Ensure participatory approach of program design, implementation and evaluation. Our activities involve monitoring, evaluation and Reporting by the organization experts which is composed of members of the TAAKULO Board of Directors and stakeholders, is responsible for developing programme and related activities. TAAKULO and community jointly conduct quarterly monitoring and evaluation of the programme.

Financial Accounting & Management Systems (FAMS)

TAAKULO is accountable to our supporters and partners as well as to donor organizations and has put in place financial analytical frameworks and systems that help manage its financial resources, including accounting and financial reporting, budgeting, collecting accounts receivables and management of financial and related risks. The system is based on sound. TAAKULO has own financial guidelines and procedures. The administration and finance manager is responsible for maintaining and controlling the budget, allocation of overheads and for the preparation of financial reports. Independently the internal not from department auditors check and advise on corrective measures to ensure an accurate and transparent system.