“In this IDP, it is the First Time Distributed such Complete Food Items with nutritious”

Amina a three-year-old IDP girl was struggling with hunger, when she arrived with her mother Ifrah and six siblings at an IDP camp near Abdi-Gedi village, under Lughaya district. In 2018 Amina’s family was affected by the Cyclone Sagar which forced them to flee from their village (Ex-Hadayta) after it was completely destructed by the Cyclone floods. Amina’s Family Lost their Dependent Camel and goats by the Cyclone, when they moved to their new location, they were lacking all basic needs including food, children like Amina where the most suffering ones. Amina received nutritious food including Fish, Dates and milk in three consecutive months contributing to the recovery and the wellbeing of the child. Thanks to the SHF funding, emergency response and livelihood interventions were made available for vulnerable people, contributing to the reduction of child mortality as well as improving the quality of live. During this intervention 550HHs received sufficient and nutritious food and 75 HHs were Restocked. Mr Elabe head of IDP Camp “it is first time distributed such complete food items with nutritious”.