Thanks to Danish Muslim aid who gave the Qurbani donation for this Eid Adha to affected communities in four districts in Somaliland. This donation impactful many people who in need because there is a current conflict and droughts that deeply affected these communities in this region. Thanks to the Danish Muslim Aid which slaughtered 135 goats to feed and make happy those needed people. It was great to see big smiles on the faces of those people. 


On 11th of August Tasco slaughtered and distributed 50 goats/ sheep into two villages affected by drought and clan conflict of godwarabe and dhabar mamac. 

the community were very happy, the children were very excited thanks to isra-uk for their continuous generous contribution 

Human Aid has given 385 goats/sheep and 6 camels. These animals were distributed into two districts which are Ceelafwayn and Dararwayne. Thanks to Human Aid for providing this livestock to people who are affected by extreme droughts and devastating clan conflicts. People were excited to receive this livestock from Human Aid and your donations have touched the hearts of many poor people who have not eaten enough food for so long. Their Eid day was joyful due to your donations.