Clearing Prosopis Tree that Invaded Farms, Blocked Roads and Colonized too Much Grazing Areas.

In 2019, TASCO with the fund support from Somalia Humanitarian Fund (SHF) implemented Prosopis clearance activity in Lughaya district of Awdal region, Somaliland, through conditional cash transfer to tackle the wide spreading Prosopis to environment that invaded the other benefit plants for livestock and humans, blocked roads for transportation and occupied large farming land. Globally, the Prosopis tree is arguably the most hardy and resilient wood.
Image of Prosopis invaded area before the TASCO interventions.
260 families benefited the conditional cash transfer for Prosopis clearance and six villages took advantage of Prosopis removal (roads, forest and rangeland, farms and residential areas).
260 beneficiaries doing work of daily Prosopis clearance and they used to collect the wood for house buildings.
TASCO recruited 260 beneficiaries for CFW to clear and cut the Prosopis in six locations under Lughaya district. In four agropastoral locations, 40 farms that entered and invaded by the Prosopis was cleared and farmers started cultivation of crops in late 2019. In two coastal pastoralist locations, 10 KMĀ² of area including roads, home outdoors and grazing lands was cleared
Image showing after removed and cleared the invaded Prosopis trees from farms and roads in Lughaya district.

More than 200 farmers cultivated large farm land and 750 families have improved transportation and grazing lands.