Mahdi succeed story “ the life of blind boyhood ”

an inspiring story of a young man called Mahdi Muse Jamac who lives in Hargeisa, Somaliland. Mahdi was born in 1988 in Hargeisa and grown up there too. Mahdi is the fifth oldest child in his family. A disease affected him when he was three years old and caused him to be blind. After we had an interview with him, he told us that his family was not financially able to help him at that moment but they later on took him to couple of hospitals and they were been told that nothing could be done to treat him in this country. When Mahdi was 14 years old, Taakulo Somaliland Community, gave him a support to sending him a school for blind people who is call Written Braille. When Mahdi finished the school, he was the highest student in his class and when the teachers sow his capability, they decided to hire him be a science teacher. Mahdi is been a teacher in his own school since 2013 and he is the first blind teacher in the school .When we asked him what is the difference for the students to have a blind teacher or normal teachers like he used to do? He said, “I believe that I am the right person for that job because I can understand their feelings since I was once in their position and they can see me as role model because I go through the same situation and accomplish my dreams.” Mahdi is trying to help blind children as Taakulo Somaliland community assist him to his education. He also made an association, which he called Somaliland Blind organization (SBO).