Somaliland is one of the most politically and economically unstable countries in the world The breakaway republic of Somaliland is ravaged by years of civil war and poverty. We are reaching children with educational and medical care.

Orphan Program continues 

Orphan Sponsorship Program funded by Danish Muslim Aid (DM AID) in Hargeisa Somaliland for 2020

Najma Ahmed story

Najma Ahmed Ibrahim is 10 years old, orphan child with 6 siblings including herself. Her father passed away while he had been digging a pit latrine overflew by sewerage. Her mother also passed away about two weeks ago. The children now live in a shunt house in Hargeisa in desperate life and the neighboring houses and the local mosque collaborate to feed the children by collecting some food and little money to support their demands. Please help Najma and her siblings to get shelter, food, education and health.

Orphan Sponsorship. Funded by Danish Muslim Aid

this children is funded Danish Muslim Aid implementing by Taakulo Somali Community ( TASCO ) , These childern is been adopted by orphan center but with help of TASCO and Danish , these children have been better life living