Somaliland is one of the most politically and economically unstable countries in the world The breakaway republic of Somaliland is ravaged by years of civil war and poverty. We are reaching children with educational and medical care

Orphan Program continues 

Orphan Sponsorship Program funded by Danish Muslim Aid (DMA) in Hargeisa Somaliland for July 2017

Mahdi succeed story “ the life of blind boyhood ”

Blindness is a disorder that plagues millions of people and stops them from reaching their dreams but if we try hard enough to support, they can still accomplish what they want. UN convention on the rights a of child with disability also tells us that disability children have the right to life and have equal basis of others. Therefore, we should not be discriminating because they are blind, deaf, or mute since the law prohibited. In my country Somaliland, the majority of the society does not believe that people with disability can accomplish anything and the saddest thing is that no one tries to see their needs and help them. No one thinks people with disability can be independent and explore the world. Helen Keller was a very successful woman who was not only blind but also mute and deaf. She was an author of many books, which people read today, and her biography is read today in every high school in America

Let us take an example, an inspiring story of a young man called Mahdi Muse Jamac who lives in Hargeisa, Somaliland. Mahdi was born in 1988 in Hargeisa and grown up there too. Mahdi is the fifth oldest child in his family. A disease affected him when he was three years old and caused him to be blind. After we had an interview with him, he told us that his family was not financially able to help him at that moment but they later on took him to couple of hospitals and they were been told that nothing could be done to treat him in this country. When Mahdi was 14 years old, Taakulo Somaliland Community, gave him a support to sending him a school for blind people who is call Written Braille. When Mahdi finished the school, he was the highest student in his class and when the teachers sow his capability, they decided to hire him be a science teacher. Mahdi is been a teacher in his own school since 2013 and he is the first blind teacher in the school .When we asked him what is the difference for the students to have a blind teacher or normal teachers like he used to do? He said, “I believe that I am the right person for that job because I can understand their feelings since I was once in their position and they can see me as role model because I go through the same situation and accomplish my dreams.” Mahdi is trying to help blind children as Taakulo Somaliland community assist him to his education. He also made an association, which he called Somaliland Blind organization (SBO).

Orphan Sponsorship. Funded by Danish Muslim Aid

this children is funded y Danish Muslim Aid implementing by Taakulo Somaliland Community ( TASCO ) , These childern is been adopted by orphan center but with help of Taakulo and Danish , these children have been better life living

Orphan Sponsorship. Funded by Danish Muslim Aid

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Your faith full monthly support helps to provide stability for an orphan to get educational and medical care your support will change the life and future of the orphan.

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Hafsa Bashe Received Gift of $500 from generous Donor

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Our Vision

At Taakulo Somaliland Community (TASCO), our vision is a global community, free from poverty, where children are protected and have the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Our Mission

To fulfill our mission, TASCO works in partnership with children and their communities to create lasting and meaningful change by supporting long-term community development and promoting children’s rights.

At TASCO our values mean…

  • We value children
  • We uphold the rights of every individual
  • We value respect
  • We believe in empowerment
  • We promote accountability and transparency

“ Better life for all “ For just $40 dollars a month you can help educate an orphan, help pay for the fees and other expenses. Learn more about our scheme by visiting our Facebook page(Taakulo Somaliland Community (tsc) Lngo )Contact information can also be found on the page. Sponsoring an orphan will make a huge difference to a child’s life. Our Facebook Page

Waiting to be sponsored

Abdi Jibaar Mahamed Du’ale He is Somali Young Orphan he is 9 Years Old

Abdisamed Mohamed JibriilHe is Somali young Orphan he is 6 Years Old

Abdale Dahir Muse He is Somali young Orphan He is 12 years old

Asma Hasan Awil She is Somali young Orphan she is 10 Years Old

Ahmed Abdi Tahliil He is Somali Orphan he is 4 Years Old

Barwaaqo Sheikh Jama Ahmed she is Somal she is 7 Years Old

Danish Muslim aid sponsored our Orphan sponsorship program in somaliland.

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