Mohaoud M. Dualle


Mohamoud M. Duale has more than 13 years of Humanitarian and Nongovernmental Organizations Experience for Program/Project Management, Youth Empowerment and Development of skills and SME’s, He has MBA at Mount Kenya University (MKU), Degree of Economics at University of Hargeysa(UOH) and Other Academic certificates include Certificate of strategic planning, Monitoring and Evolution, Risk Management, Calp and Communication for Development (C4D).

Ilyas Hassan Osman

Operations Manager

Expert in financial and operations management over nine years of experience. Versatile, bilingual professional with management experience ranging in size from small projects to large scale multi-million-dollar high profile projects. Have proved capability to plan, develop, revise and develop budget at all levels for humanitarian and emergency circumstances. 

Sareedo Abdi Muse


Sareedo Abdi Muose has more than 6 years experiences in financial reporting,budgeting, costing and analysis in large size projects for Non-government Organization. She has MBA finance in New generation University (NGUC), Degree of business administration in University of Hargeisa (UOH), Diploma of Computerized Accountant from New Horizon Collage, and other Academic certified include Excel financial modeling.

Amal Koshin

Protection Assistant

Amal Koshin is a young vibrant Protection and Gender activitist. She has the instinct of voicing poor and marginalised people, but have been directy engaging the field since 2019.  Amal’s work focuses on Gender Equality particularly Child Protection, Safeguarding, Women Empowerment and Accountability. Currently she is pursuing LLB degree at UoH. 

In here leisure time, Amal spends reading and watching TV shows

Abdiaziz Bakaal

fsl coordinator

Abdiaziz Bakaal has more than 5-years’ experience on managing and implementing Food Security and Livelihoods programs at a community grass root level and management level. In his work career he has worked both national and international NGOs. He is a candidate of (MAG) Master of Agriculture on Climate Change and Environmental Sustainability at Amoud University, BCs of Project Planning and Management from Amoud University.    

Eng. Mohamed Suleiman


Eng. Mohamed, is well dedicated and technically gifted water engineer, he have had a tangible input along whole Somaliland WASH in  last five years being SDF water engineer and WASH Cluster Information Manager. Currently, Eng. Mohamed acts as WASH Project manager in TASCO, he lured a new path of optimism and handy know-how within TASCO WASH programme. 

Realistically, non of abandons, restrictions and fraud where seen among projects he involved in. He earned Bsc of water engineering/civil engineering with amusing humanitarian experience as  he championed humanitarian projects with international NGO’s prior his TASCO arrival.

Kawsar Amiin Muuse

project OFFICER

Kawsar Amiin Muuse is a highly motivated Health Communication, Human Rights, and Transitional Justice student at the American University of Beirut. She is passionate about bringing positive changes into women’s lives particularly survivors of FGM. Kawsar is the Co-founder of the nonprofit organization Solace for Somaliland Girls, which is committed to eradicating all forms of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) across communities in Somaliland through education and empowerment and Women Art Hub which is a social enterprise based in Somaliland. Kawsar is Saleema Youth Victorious Ambassadors for East African regions which aims protecting girls and empowering women. As Saleema Youth Victorious Ambassadors Kawsar works closely with the African Union Youth Envoy to advocate to end FGM

Mohamed Mohamoud

project Manager

Mohamed Mohamoud, Project Manager with thorough experience in the field of humanitarian work in particular, health and nutrition. Mohamed holds masters degree in public health from Amoud University. He has also been trained on several short courses including but not limited to monitoring, evaluation, accountability and learning (MEAL), Health in crises settings, effective communication for healthy outcomes, medico-legal service for SGBV servivors and action research

Eng. Shuaib Hussein Alin

WASH Engineer

Shuaib Hussein Alin has more than 8 years’ experience of working construction and WASH infrastructures and now  I am Taakulo Somaliland WASH Engineer and he BS of Civil engineering at Eelo university in Awdal regionShuaib Hussein Alin has more than 8 years’ experience of working construction and WASH infrastructures and now  I am Taakulo Somaliland WASH Engineer and he BS of Civil engineering at Eelo university in Awdal region

Umulkheyr Hassan

project Officer

Umulkheyr Hassan graduated summa cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa from The Ohio State University with Bachelor of Honors degrees in Psychology, Sociology, and Physics. Her childhood experiences heavily shaped her academic trajectory towards a deeper understanding of Black studies, international conflict and its intersection with women’s rights. Umulkheyr’s undergraduate honors thesis examined Noam Chomsky’s The Washington Connection and Third World Fascism where she analyzed models of the relationship between modern day neocolonialism and the Horn of Africa’s dependency on developmental aid. Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia where there is a small Somali population, Umulkheyr traveled to Somaliland in January of 2019 to visit her homeland and offer her services in Humanitarian Aid. Umulkheyr is a social activist as well as a current employee of Taakulo Somali Community where she advocates for internally displaced persons and the most vulnerable of the Somali community. 

Mohamed Aden Jeeswer

project Assistant

Mohamed Adan Yusuf ( jeeswer) is an experienced social worker and humanitarian activist. He has BA development studies and social work from Addis University and other Academic certificates include certificate of ITC, Project management and Monitoring evaluation . He has more than 5 years’ experience in various humanitarian organizations and he have been working with TASCO for the last three years working on different projects that the organization runs in Togdher , Saraar and Dad-Madheedh region.

Hamda Abdilahi

hygiene promotion

Hamda Abdullahi is social worker, she has been engaging the humanitarian work since January 2019, for the different fields for rural and IDPs, Include WASH in Emergencies as Hygiene promoter, trainer and community mobiliser; Hamda has fast experience for PRA tools and a great passion for humanitarian work and hope to bring positive impact to the vulnerable needy families.

Eng. Ridwan Abdilahi

WASH Engineer

ENG Ridwan has more than 4 years experience in managing, implementing, designing and monitoring water projects as well as an expert in structural projects across Somaliland. For the last years, he was acting as a water engineer for HUWSUP (Hargeisa Urban Water Supply Upgrading Project) implemented by FITCHNER incorporation with UN-HABITAT and currently TASCO wash officer/ engineer.
He has a bachelor degree in science CIVIL Engineering at UOH and a candidate for master of project management and planning (MPP).

Mustafe Ibrahim

Logistics Assistant

Mustafe ibrahim suleiman has a bachelor degree in development management from the university ofcivil service institute. He is an expert of managment and he is been working with TASCO for the past one year as an adiministration, Human resource and logictics assistant