Girl’s life matter or Taakulo Pledge to say No FGM

It is being estimated that 98% of the Somali young girls undergo FGM before they turn to the age of 15 years. These issues influence the life of the girls from the day she undergoes till her death, and in between struggles with it is complications, in different aspects including physical injuries, Health problems, psychological well-being, and their education. In order to prevent further harm, Taakulo implements various activities to eliminate FGM in all it is operating areas through awareness-raising, radio messages, videos, events, story sharing. Within all these activities Taakulo intended to realize goal 4 In the Sustainable Development Goals “gender equality” and the UN agenda 2030 of zero tolerance for FGM around the world, for minimizing any chance that a young girl could be experienced in FGM.

Success Stories of SIDA-RRM Project 2021; the story of effected households recovered from drought of food insecurity and acute water shortage crisis.

Kin Abdi Awil, A mother of 9 children, of whom her family has been severely affected by drought and increased-price of food, living in Coodanle Village, Miss Abdi, a droughts survivor through SIDA project support, has teasingly told Taakulo during the registration process that her family were not included any other humanitarian assistance before, “We were not included any humanitarian support before, food prices increased and we were unable to cover family needs”

stakeholders’ engagement and technical field assessments of livelihoods and food security

successfully completed with tangible outcomes on the field as resilience of target communities or, supported sectors are sustainably striding forward and yet, the second face of SOMJR 2021 have been precedingly launched in the beginning of this year, 2021. In a launching ceremony held at Gabily district, WVI has preliminarily provided briefings about 2021 SOMJR project locations and modalities with the relevant stakeholders from the community and government, the Gabiley governor, and the district mayor has raised the importance of adjusting some activities to more relevant models at the SOMJR 2021 locations particularly the modalities, In concern of government eagerness based on groundlevel need;

Promoting child education through sponsor

Taakulo Sponsors with the help of DM Aid children over 100 for school fees, and university students around ten with their university tuitions. This program is intended to promote child education and decrease the illiteracy level among the Somali community. On another way, Taakulo provided a tour opportunities to the IDP children to explore an environment different from the camps they live and their daily routines. Taakulo promotes creating a friendly, protective, and encouraging space for the children to strengthen their capacity.

I maintained my dignity by receiving mobile money from Taakulo through ZAAD from Taakulo

Khadra Mohamed salad, a young mother with 5 children of 2 boys and 3 young girls, live in Dara salam IDP, a Sida RRM project target IDPs camp, she got married in early age and almost below her adult age, due to her family’s livelihood status, Khadra has gone through a perpetual struggle willing she will somehow contribute to her family in economic wise.

stakeholders’ engagement and technical field assessments of livelihoods and foodsecurity FSL

Taakulo FSL team set out to Gabiley and met with the Gabiley local government, sections of social affairs, responsible for such socially affecting activities, to discuss about the implementation of CFW prosopis clearance. Together with Mr. Khadar Badde (Gabiley LG Social affairs director), the assessment has been conducted in the settlements where previously planned by the local government.

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