FSL – Food security and livelihoods

Food Security & Livelihoods

Somalia’s recurrent droughts has resulted pastoralists in the country encounter water and pasture shortages, rapidly weakening livestock body conditions, and declining livestock reproduction prospects. Many poor households lack adequate resources to cover the increased costs of protecting their herds which is leading livestock deaths from starvation and disease in the affected regions. According to the situation reports many farmers in agropastoral and riverine areas have already exhausted their food stocks from the preceding below-average harvests. Household purchasing power is rapidly declining due to the reduction of key income sources coupled with sharp increases in domestic and imported cereal prices. Somalia’s people live in deplorable and deprived conditions. Livelihoods are broadly based on subsistence farming and pastoralism with limited opportunity to earn wages. To contribute to food insecurity and livelihood vulnerability, we deliver services reducing food insecurity by improving households’ immediate access to food through provision of unconditional multipurpose cash & conditional cash assistance depending on food security phases and restore livelihoods related to food and income sources through agricultural/fishing support and provision of business grants. Promoting longer term livelihoods solutions for women, we ensured the establishment of structured business-groups, where we provided a collective business training entangled the better business management with women-led businesswomen of whom, basically able to uphold resilience of their business through technical know-how.

Taakulo Somali Community “TAAKULO”.


Hargeysa, Somalia

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