Health indicators in Somalia are among the lowest in the world. The immunization coverage rate for measles is 46% countrywide and even lower in hard-to-reach areas. Only one in three Somalis have access to safe water; one in every nine Somali children dies before their first birthday; and the maternal mortality ratio is 850 deaths per 100 000 live births. The health care system in Somalia remains weak, poorly resourced, and inequitably distributed1. Additionally, Ethiopia is listed under the poorest health status related to other low-income sub-Saharan countries and the Somali Region remains extremely poor health status when compared with other regional states of the country. Taakulo have largely targeted rural health facilities in remote areas and hospitals, in urban areas where capacity to access advanced health-equipment is limited. In 2021, our health programme has advancingly contributed the Sustainable Development Goal SDGs #3 – ensuring health lives and promoting wellbeing for all ages – through providing communal centers, namely MCHs at far to reach rural areas, our efforts include the supply of medical equipment for both rural and urban MCHs and Hospitals. Specifically, our health programme has ensured the continuity of health-services to further decrease maternal-mortality and related chronic diseases; we have provided stretching beds, delivery tables and essential medical drugs. Rural communities have a challenge in accessing prominent health services at large, periodically in night-time, as electricity remain the core problem so often. In this yet, 2021, we have ensured rural community’s access to renewable power sources, by installing PV solar arrays “panels” to rural MCHs so as mother and children would be served during night-time. Through enduring into our commitment of ensuring the continuity of basic health services to reach an end of: mother and child are access to promised health services.

Based on the health situation of Taakulo’s areas of operation, to improve poor health systems in the country Taakulo assists hospitals for the provision medical equipment and supplies, construction and rehabilitation of health centres, support children and lactating women’s nutrition. Taakulo also trains specialised doctors in a different speciality including orthopaedic, paediatrics, Neurosurgery, qualified nurses. Taakulo envisioned to expand health activities to Somalia and Ethiopia to contribute national health strategy and reduction of preventable diseases and child mortality.

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