Mission & Vision


Committed to promoting the standard of living and alleviating all deprivations of the affected communities through resilience building, lifesaving, emergency response, mobilizing resources, lobbying, and representing the voiceless at all levels through partnering with government, Donors, UN, INGOs, local, public, civil society and private sector.


To see that the community interventions are based on mutual commitments made to the poor and marginalized people to build trust; shared concepts to empower them to have successful livelihoods with their full respect and dignity while promoting action learning process while implementing projects for experience building.


– Humanity.                                                    

– Impartiality.

– Neutrality.

– Independent.

– Integrity.

– Transparency and Accountability

Taakulo Somali Community “TAAKULO”.


Hargeysa, Somalia

About Us

The Taakulo Somali Community is a non-profit humanitarian organization established in 2007.

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