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Our spectrum of delivering equivocal WASH service, whereof vulnerable communities in hard-to-reach could access in log-term period, has primarily transformed along the agenda of National WASH Cluster; deliver sustainable WASH infrastructure. Since 2020, we have either implemented (from the ground-levels) or rehabilitated (improved functionality) of existing water sources. 60% of our latest WASH project (6), were advancingly went to sustainable WASH projects. Whereof, 40% of our contribution went to emergencies. 


Of our WASH project’s went on sustainable settings.


Of our WASH project’s went on emergencies.


Of our 2022 WASH projects contributed to climate action

We have marked the integration of our sustainable WASH programming to climate contribution, by delivering a promised sand-dams with equitable yield of 60,000 cubic of clean water for human consumption, environmental conservation, and farming. At the spite of emergencies, since 2022, we have stablished 360 improved sanitation infrastructure, massive hygiene campaigns and most incredibly; we have almost contributed to droughts (water shortages) by emplacing over 300 water tankers in 2 calendar years.  

Taakulo Somali Community “TAAKULO”.


Hargeysa, Somalia

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The Taakulo Somali Community is a non-profit humanitarian organization established in 2007.

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